The Villain Challenges eBook


Back in 2010 when I launched, I released a series of five “Villain Challenges” that were designed to test one’s physical and mental toughness.

In the years since, I’ve received loads of feedback from people all over the world who accepted my challenges and made it their business to tackle them. A special favorite of elite military folks, and the toughest of athletes, these types of challenges have provided many with months or years of focused goals and the intrinsic rewards that come with accomplishing something so few have the stones to even attempt.

Due to the success and popularity of the original five, I decided to release this book, a collection of twenty Villain Challenges (including the original five) for you to see what you’re made of.

The book is a full 110 pages in length, and contains loads of anecdotes, ideas for how to train for the challenges, and worksheets to help you track your progress.

Pick up this title today, and get to work besting these ball-busting events.

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