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Recently I was able to catch up on the phone with a few of my TEAMPAIN guys from the first, experimental class which is nearing the end of its run.

After listening with a smile while they told me how great it feels to have accomplished what they have over the last few months, how empowering the increased attention and positive feedback on their appearance from their wives, girlfriends, and/or total strangers is, and how awesome it is to be throwing around their old maxes for reps while at much lower body fat levels,  I took the opportunity to ask them each what were the most significant lessons that they had learned over the course of this program.

Their answers were many, but a few key ideas were shared as common threads across the board. The three most common responses were derivatives of the following:

It’s Much More About What You Do than When You Do It

Most of these guys came into the program expecting to get word from me to do “X” on Monday, “Y” on Tuesday, and so on and so forth. They were surprised when their training for the week was laid out in an overall work fashion instead from the start, even with the diagnostic testing to kick the program off.

They were surprised that I would tell them that they had X number of strength sessions to complete for the week, X number of conditioning sessions (though detailing the work to be done for each of course), and then their detailed daily work. A few inquired as to how they should organize their work at the onset, and were surprised when I gave them little more than “just get it done” as a reply.

Once they got to work and fell into their own respective grooves, they learned that they were the ones that were best at organizing their training over the week in the manner that best allowed for their best efforts to be demonstrated on each session. Across the board they reported that it was a bit of a surprise to discover how lifestyle-friendly truly effective training that yields huge results can actually be when the organizational minutia is removed from the equation.

They know what they have to get done going into the week, and get the work done when it works best for their schedule, or allows them to push the hardest on their efforts, therefore producing the greatest results.


Consistency is Everything

It should come as no surprise to you as a reader of my material that TEAMPAIN has a heavy emphasis on habit formation and daily work. The guys I spoke with from the first class expected this as well, but were all genuinely surprised at just how much improvement they experienced by actually being consistent with their daily work, both in terms of doing it, and making the required increases and adjustments I prescribed as we progressed in the program.

Additionally, they all reported that their work in their strength sessions and conditioning sessions (for those who were prescribed the latter) was much more consistently intense since they knew they were accountable to me at the end of the week with their numbers. Granted a large degree of their intensity no doubt stemmed from this constant accountability, but the take-away lesson was how much they were truly capable of pushing past previous highs each and every week (this was especially enlightening for the few who had done my programs before, but found themselves “needing” to reset frequently).

In an environment where you are consistently breaking old records, it is no surprise that you will make progress that exceeds what you previously had been able to produce. These guys have learned that all-important lesson, and now have new perspective on their individual abilities to progress long-term and regularly. This destroyed the notion for some that “genetics” or some other “roadblock” would keep them from progressing as well as the next guy.


Measurement Equals Results

Perhaps the most echoed lesson learned by the group was the power of measuring progress religiously. Each member has been responsible for submitting their numbers to me on their sessions each week. Not surprisingly, each had kept a training log or journal before, but never had their been so much emphasis on seeing the numbers move.

Tracking their times, reps, weights, and other performance metrics in detail allows me to prescribe them target numbers for their sessions in the coming week. Each of these guys was surprised when my prescriptions were often for what seemed like “too much” improvement for the upcoming session(s).

Take for instance the guy who turns in a GSLP-style squat session that has him squatting 245 for 7 reps on his last set. When he heads into his next session knowing that I’m expecting to see 250 for “at least 9”, he almost invariably turns in a performance that features an increase in both weight AND reps over the previous session. This “phenomenon” was shared by virtually all of the team members in one week or another.

Similarly, the guy who tells me he all but puked coming across the line on his 800m dash at 2:46, representing an all-out effort, is often surprised when I tell him that I want TWO 800’s turned in the following week at sub 2:30. What happens though is he gets his head around that number all week, and then, lo and behold, cranks out a pair at 2:23 and 2:18 the following Saturday AM before submitting his results to me.

While I’m the guy issuing these challenges to the team guys, you can use the same approach with yourself in your own training, or with a training partner. Measure everything, and set bold targets for the next session (though I’ve found that individuals, myself included, are unconsciously conservative when setting their own goals).


Taking inventory of your own approach to training, and applying these ideas where they have been missing will go quite a long way towards really ramping up your progress in the coming weeks.

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