To New Beginnings


I remember it like it was yesterday, getting bathed and in my pajamas, ready to make the short walk across the street to my neighbors house to celebrate the coming new year. This had been a bit of a tradition for my family, watching Dick Clark in the company of close friends, sharing the moment and creating new memories, unbeknownst of their lasting legacy at the time.

That night I ate my fill of cold, somewhat mushy shrimp from the shrimp ring that was set out on the table with club crackers, short rolls, and cold cuts. The shrimp was a welcome treat, displayed on its black plastic throne, centered by the small container of cocktail sauce. In hindsight the shrimp was as much anchored to the New Year’s experience as the clanging of pots and pans, or the sound of “Auld Lang  Syne” playing from the single speaker of the 13″ television. It was a purchase that was not made the rest of the year, despite its desirability, due to its greater market price than the other commoditized food staples that made up the menu of the day for my lower middle class family.

That night was rich with laughs and mild reprimands for excessive noise as I wrestled with my best friend, pretending to be The Undertaker and Sting in our fantasy matches, with falls being counted on the floor, bunk beds, or wherever our imaginary referee was able to slap the canvas.

As we gathered in the kitchen to watch the ball drop on the small, countertop TV, there was an awkward exchange of kisses and hugs from semi-intoxicated adults of various degrees of closeness to me, and an outpouring of well wishes fore the coming year.

That memory, and others like it, is invaluable to me now as an adult, looking back on the experiences.

I also recall a New Years eve much more recent. I remember with clarity, sitting in my beat up car that I had purchased to transport my then newborn son safely, and crying like a child in the parking lot of a restaurant that I was about to enter to share a celebratory meal with an acquaintance. I was well behind on several payments to creditors and service providers, and was wrestling not with the Undertaker, but with how I was going to pay to fill my oil tank and heat my house.

I’m proud to say that I overcame that time of hardship, and went on to produce a then record income in that first quarter.

That was far from my last scrape with financial concern, and incidentally not my worst. It was however, arguably the moment at which I harnessed the power that comes with the knowledge that my circumstances were entirely within my control, and that I was capable of living my life on my terms if I was committed to the idea of never ending improvement in my mental, financial, and business practices.

I’ve no doubt enjoyed much success since both of those formative experiences, and look forward with a cloudy mix of ambition, desire, and outright lust, for the wealth, prosperity, and abundance of love and wonderful experiences that I have yet to produce.

The coming of the New Year marks an opportunity for each of us to start fresh. I once laughed at the notion of New Year’s resolutions, dismissing their validity in my youthful intelligence and cynicism. Why did it take the arbitrary event of the changing of a number to spark the drive in human beings to make progress in their lives?

Now, I see what it is that is so intoxicating about the notion of a New Year’s resolution. It’s a symbolic rebirth of you as a human being; one who vows to make change in their life, and right the wrongs that have come about as a result of behavioral or emotional practices that are recognized as being incongruent with, and not conducive to, the life that you truly want to live.

As I type these words on the smooth keys of my MacBook Pro, in the comfort of my office, the smell of Cohiba smoke lingering in the air, and the aftertaste of vintage Cabernet on my tongue, I sit in anticipation of the lit up ball dropping, the sounds of the neighbor children clanging pots and pans, and the awakening of those around me to the new day that is before us.

I know, with certainty, that this coming year will be one of prosperity and joy, where I will smash all previous records in terms of my personal income, business growth, amount of quality time invested with family, and wonderful new relationships with exceptional people being formed. I am whole-heartedly committed to advancing myself and increasing the quality of life of those whom I care about, or who I work with, using every ounce of power that I have as an impactful, high-performing, effective human being.

I find myself emotional, and welled up with tears for a different reason this year. I am being afforded a new beginning, as are you, and am ensconced with the knowledge that any past burdens that I’ve created for myself, or any previous actions that I’ve performed that have elicited a result that I am not happy with are things of the past.

I will move forward with power, and continue to create the greatest masterpiece that I am artistically able to produce out of my limited time on this earth.

I hope the coming of the New Year marks a similar experience for you as well. I sincerely wish that you find what it is inside of you that has been lying dormant; that untapped potential, that innate power that you possess to dominate your life experience and truly live on your terms.

I extend to you my oath that I will leverage each and every ounce of my personal power to assist you in embarking on your journey of never ending improvement and advancement should you reach out to me, and I sincerely hope that you do.

I’ll wrap this up because I have other pressing issues to address this evening before I can share in the moment of rebirth with those that I love, and I will wish you a wonderful and prosperous New Year wherever you are in the world.

To us!

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