Top Ten Signs You’ve Successfully Un Fat-Fucked Yourself

by Flex Luthor

10. Your diet looks like that of a top level bodybuilder and not a future gastric bypass candidate.

9. You look like Lee Priest pre-contest instead of Lee Priest off-season.

8. You cant’ do the Truffle Shuffle.

7. The National Guard called you down to Mississippi to let open the flood gates.

6. Lean Mass Gain is no longer some magical theory….your Transformation Challenge shots are the proof.

5. You’ve realized that the quality of what you are putting in your mouth (earmuffs) is more important than the quantity.

4. The only thing you’d ever drink a whole gallon of in one day is water.

3. You put your Jazzy on Craigslist and started walking every day.

2. Your One-Year Party is always 365 days away.

And the Number One sign that you’ve successfully Un Fat-Fucked yourself……

You’re Neck Deep in Tits and Pussy (You SV forum guys will get the reference).


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