Train Like an Athlete Part 2

by Jim Steel

In Phase 1, I prepped you for some heavier work. In Phase 2 it’s time to get really strong. The weight training has gotten noticeably heavier. In this phase, recovering is a little tougher, which means that you should take as much rest as you need to take to complete your reps. DON’T MISS REPS. Remember, we are using percentages of one rep max on some of the lifts. See Phase 1 for further explanation.

For the running I have put in some straight sprints and kept in the hill/stadium/treadmill workout from Phase 1. I’ve also added the “square of death.” This is a tough one that I got from my old boxing coach Angel: you set up a square and begin by shuffling around the square. After about 2-10 shuffles, you switch and shuffle the other way. Then instead of shuffling, backpedal around the square and throw punches in the air. You can also run around the square, drop to the ground and do 5 push ups, etc. Make sure to stay low when shuffling – you should be able to touch the ground at any time. If you can’t finish 3 minutes straight, don’t worry, just cut it in half. I’ve included a diagram to help you understand it better.

Week 1
Day 1
Lunge jumps (switch legs in air) 3×10
Squat 50%x5 60%x4 70%x2 75%x2 80%x1 85% 12×2
Bench 50%x5 60%x4 70%x2 75%x2 80%x1 85% 5×2
Chins x50 (can superset with bench)
Dips x30 total

Day 2
Jump rope 3×1 minute
Deadlift 50%x5 60%x4 70%x2 80%x2 85% 7×2
Press 5×3
Bent over row with a reverse grip 5×10-15
Dips 3×10

Week 2
Day 1
40 box jumps
Squats 50%x5 60%x2 70%x2 (80%x2 85%x2 87%x2)x2(This means go through the percentages 2x) 70%x8
Bench 50%x5 60%x4 70%x2 75%x2 80%x1 85% 5×3
Dips x50
Chins x30

Day 2
Jump rope 3×1 minute
Deadlift 50%x5 60%x3 70%x2 80%x2 85%x2 80%x2 85%x2 85%x2 80%x2 60%x10 (touch and go)
Press 5×2
One arm row 5×10-15
Dips 3×10

Week 3
Day 1
Tuck jumps 3×10
Squat 50%x5 60%x5 70%x2 75%x2 80%x2 85% 12×2 60% 1×10
Bench 50%x5 60%x4 70%x2 75%x2 80%x1 85%x2 87% 5×2
Dips x50
Chins x30

Day 2
Jump rope 3×1 minute
Deadlift 50%x5 60%x4 70%x2 80%x2 85%x2 87% 4×2
Press 6×2
Lat pulls to the front or t-bar rows 5×10-15

General warm up: jog, skip, hop, jump, backwards run for 5 minutes
The running workout (same workout for 3 weeks)

Day 1
Sprints (run hard) All in yards, walk back for your rest period
6×10 yards (so 6 sprints for 10 yards)
6×25 yards
6×40 yards
Go through this 2x if you can

Day 2
10-15 hills or stadiums or treadmill sprints (see Part 1 for explanation)

Day 3
Square of Death
Each cone should be about 10 to 15 yards apart.  Drills to be included are:

  • Shuffle and switch
  • Backpedal and punch
  • Run and 5 push ups

5, 3 minute rounds with 30 second break in between.  Walk during the break.


3 Responses

  1. Gannimal007

    this looks killer. I’m just week 1/phase 1 so I have until the week after new years to kick it into 2nd gear.

    The 50 strict pull ups is gonna be killer.

    December 22, 2010 at 1:31 pm

  2. Dan

    Once we’re done with the 9th week…what’s next? Establish new 1 reps? 5/3/1 programming, how will we follow these 9 weeks?

    January 3, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    • Dan, post your questions to Steel in his StrenghtVillain Q and A. I don’t believe he checks the comments here.

      January 4, 2011 at 8:17 am

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