Villain Six’s Essential Man Skills: Lock-picking



This is the first installment in a series where I will be highlighting several skills that I feel every modern male that wishes to be the kind of versatile, capable man that other men admire, and women find highly attractive, should possess a working knowledge of. 

In a recent podcast on Sharpening the Mental Edge, I spoke of the importance of developing new skills outside of those with which you are most comfortable. Progress in life is what keeps us interested, and what sparks creative thought and experience. One of the skills that I mentioned in the episode was lock-picking, a craft that I have had much experience with over the years.

While my original intentions for learning the skill were less than what many might call “socially acceptable”, I have used my skill for much more good than bad over the years. I’ve been able to help many friends and family members in situations where they found themselves locked out of their house or car; saving them what would have been about a $250 charge from an emergency locksmith.

I’ve always been the one to get the call when the situation arises, and I’ve always enjoyed being able to “come to the rescue” no matter what the situation entailed.

I’d be lying if I said that, in my earlier years, my ability to unlock a door for a “damsel in distress” did not result in demonstrations of gratitude that were more than memorable. 

I’m of course referring to home cooked meals you pervs… (you act like I’m a known womanizer or something).

In true JP fashion, I would like to share with you a recent story that further illustrates the benefits of possessing this skill.

A few weeks ago a young friend of mine was home from college for the weekend. He stopped in to see me at my office, discovering me messing with a few doorknob locks that I’d recently had donated to me. I was preparing a few mock up doors for my Academy of Combat Sciences class students to learn the basics on (you thought I just taught these guys how to do horrible things to horrible people huh?).

The young guy asked me what I was doing, and I of course filled him in. He told me that he always wanted to learn how to pick locks, being a long time fan of espionage type movies. I was hungry as hell and wanted to go eat, but told him that I’d show him a cool trick when we returned, before I had to be on the phone with an overseas coaching client.

As soon as we got back to the building, he asked me to show him this “secret”.

I locked my office door, adorned with a heavy, Schlage lock like you would find on most American front doors (chances are it’s either a five pin Schlage, or a five pin Kwikset; both of which are ridiculously easy to defeat). I produced a small pick set, selected a single hook pick and a tension wrench, and proceeded to defeat the lock in about ten seconds.

He looked at me with that “That’s fucking cool” look that I love to see. I proceeded to tell him that what I had just done was not the trick that I promised to show him, and that what he had witnessed was “single-pin picking”, a skill which takes quite a lot of practice to master.

I re-locked the door and then produced my key ring from my pocket. On it was a “bump key” set, a set of keys designed to defeat virtually any pin-tumbler lock with relative ease. I took the SC1 bump key off of the ring and placed it in the lock, pushing it all the way in and then backing it out one “click”. With a bit of faint pressure on the key to provide torque, I smacked the end of it with the handle of a screwdriver that I had pocketed.

“Boom! We’re in”. I said.

He was shocked at how easy that had been. I gave him a brief lesson on how to do what I had done, and let him practice while I did my call in the office.

When I got off of the phone he was demonstrating that he could now “bump” a Schlage lock on command. I moved him to one of the other doors and he nailed it on his second try.

Seeing that he had really enjoyed this process, I took the three bump keys off of my ring and gave them to him (I make my own so I had plenty more). I told him to go practice, but not to get in trouble. He thanked me and we parted ways for the day.

In the days that followed I received a slew of text messages from him telling me that he had beaten this lock and that lock. He asked me to teach him the other, more complex, styles of picking when he came home next, to which I agreed.

The best news though came when I got a late night call from him at college. He told me that he was out with a few friends and had met a girl. She and her roommate had invited him (and only him) back to their room afterwards. Upon arrival they discovered that they were locked out. The girl had left her keys inside by mistake. 

Damn! No party tonight, right?

No way, this resourceful young man had been trained by the best, and knew that reporting a missed opportunity such as this was sure to earn him my ridicule. He produced his key ring, selected the right bump key for the lock, and proceeded to pop the lock using the heel of one of the girl’s shoes.

They were amazed and further intrigued in my young friend, and I can only share that his night was one for the record books from that point on. 

Another successful evening facilitated by the teachings of JP 😉

The moral of the story here is simple:

If you can’t pick locks you won’t have threesomes with busty college coeds. 

Ok, well maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but the skill is valuable and practical nonetheless.

Now, in my ever evolving quest to provide you with the best resources and tools available to make you an elite, modern male, I have found a solid resource from which you can easily learn the basics of this skill.

With the production schedule that I have in front of me at this point, I don’t foresee a VillainSix Lock-Picking product coming out anytime soon. Rather than send you out scouring the net for information on how to learn the craft, I’m providing a link to a product that I really think you will find valuable and easy to use.

If you are interested in learning the skill of lock-picking in a simple, easy to understand manner, I suggest you click here and pick up “The Lock Picker’s Bible”. Trust me guys, there are some shit products on the subject out there that cost a hell of a lot more than this guide. I’d hate to see you waste your time and money trying to find something decent.

This is a no B.S. guide that will help you go from beginner to skilled practitioner in short order. 

Get started with your essential skill, and shoot me a message in the forum to detail your progress or ask any questions.


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