What are You Waiting For?


This guy here is waiting for the time to be right to join TeamPain

Over the last twelve months, more people have made the decision to join TeamPain and hire me as their Personal Coach than ever before. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to meet these people whom I respect greatly for taking charge of their life, and making the commitment to seeking the tools and knowledge necessary to take them several steps ahead.

In the last six months alone I’ve been able to assist clients with an extremely broad variety of goals and obstacles to overcome. Here is a sample of what TeamPain members have accomplished in that time…

  • Six clients have overcome addictions to harmful narcotics, and learned how to parlay the resourcefulness that they demonstrated in acquiring the substances and hiding their addiction from others into something great, working towards a variety of positive outcomes.
  • Nine clients, both phone/Skype, and in person, have successfully quit smoking cigarettes (each in a maximum of two sessions) using a very simple method.
  • Well over a dozen clients have made very impressive changes in their body composition, shedding pounds of unwanted body fat, or packing on slabs of muscle, depending on their individual goal.
  • Three clients have left their previous employer to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, each of which is now yielding them an equal or greater amount of income as their nine to five had.
  • Four clients have successfully completed rigorous selection courses in the worlds of Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire service.
  • Eleven clients (male and female) have made dramatic improvements in their personal relationships, either in meeting and attracting more men/women, or by significantly enhancing the quality of their relationship or marriage.
  • Two clients have successfully identified and exited toxic relationships.
  • Several clients have dramatically improved their relationships and interactions with their children (from toddlers to teenagers), learning how to better communicate and influence.
  • Six clients have said goodbye to lifelong, limiting, phobias.
  • Seven clients have completely stopped taking anxiety medication due to their newfound skills of emotional mastery.
  • Three college student clients, representing two different age brackets, have successfully rid themselves of test-related anxiety, and turned in personal best performances on exams and papers.
  • One client was cured of a ten-year bout of performance anxiety/ erectile dysfunction in one session.
  • Five clients beat out the competition for promotions to new positions in their organizations.
  • One former introvert, borderline agoraphobic individual brought down the house at an open mic comedy club, and now finds his weekends full with dates with exciting women.
  • Most all clients observed an increase in personal income, and an improved personal economy. Several who began in debt, and with zero in the form of savings or investments are now either completely above water and climbing, or well on their way.
  • Numerous, longer term clients have learned valuable skills to increase their effectiveness as communicators, both in their personal and professional lives.
  • Two clients have expressed interest in learning more about the sciences behind what I do, and are studying my methods with me as their personal instructor.
  • All clients have discovered limiting beliefs that they possessed which were influencing their behavior and outcomes, and have successfully eradicated them one by one.
  • All clients have created action plans for the short and long term, designed to allow them to achieve their own personal desired outcomes in each of their “five major life headings”.

This represents just a few highlights from the last six months of my work with my Coaching clients.

My question to you, if you have found yourself on the fence, or waiting for the “right time” to make the move towards your desires and begin working with me is:

What are you waiting for?

Each day spent less than thrilled with your situation and progress in life is a day wasted, that you will never get back. You do not have to be unhappy, uncomfortable, or unsuccessful.

Keep in mind that several of the clients highlighted above were hesitant to sign up with me, had doubts about the potential outcomes, or received their coaching session or package as a gift. They quickly became “believers” in the potential that they possessed to accomplish what they truly desired after we began our work.

Don’t let another day pass feeling helpless or hopeless. Make the decision today to accept my personal challenge, and work with me to build the life that you truly desire and deserve.

I can tell you that if you wait for the time to be right, you will be waiting for ever.

Make the decision today to do something major about your situation, and let’s get to work.

I’ll be waiting…




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