What are You Worth to the World?


So what’s so special about you?

What can you do?

What skills, talents, or abilities do you have that make you more valuable than the next guy?

While these questions may come off as abrasive, it is critically important that you possess the answers to each, and I’m going to let you in on the simple reason why:

Your worth to the world is entirely predicated on what you can do for other people.

Now that might sound like a rotten thing to say, I mean surely others do not determine your self-worth, right?

Right, your “self-worth” is entirely up to you. What value you assign yourself internally is your business all the way, but the value assigned to you by the rest of the world, and consequently your quality of life, all comes down to your ability to demonstrate answers to the question:

“What can you do for me?”

Now you may be thinking, “Bullshit JP, I’m a good person. I’m caring, I’m a good listener, and people value those things about me”.

To that I say, “Bullshit (insert your name here)”.

First of all, what is a “good person”?

Depending on your beliefs or culture that could mean that you give money to the church, that you help old ladies across the street, or that you strap bombs to children and blow the shit out of infidels.

What makes you a “good person” in your own mind may make you an abhorrent monster in the eyes of another.

Consider the following situation…

You’re out at a restaurant one day when a toddler begins choking at a table near by. No one in the immediate vicinity knows how to handle the situation, the parents are screaming and panicking violently, and the child’s life is fading.

You step up to the plate and offer to the parents, “My thoughts are with your child, I wish him the best”.

Certainly those are the words of a “good person”, right?

Now imagine that a man who just came home from an extended stay in a federal penitentiary for robbing a bank steps in and, knowing how to perform the heimlich maneuver on a child, saves the child’s life.

Who is the more valuable member of society?

Who will be receiving the praise on the six o’clock news?

Surely it would not be this criminal, but rather the man who’s heart was the purest in the room, right?

Hopefully that situation is unrealistic because you know how to perform the heimlich maneuver. If you don’t, you know what your first bit of homework is for the day.

Let’s examine the “good listener” bit I mentioned before.

I frequently speak with males who are flabbergasted by their inability to meet “the right girl”, or even “a” girl.

Now, when asked what is special about them that would make them more desirable to females (specifically the attractive, intelligent, have their shit together females that they all desire and seemingly are waiting to fall into their lap as a result of “eye-fucking” them on some internet site or app, or from across the room) they invariably drop the “good listener” bomb on me at some point.

I mean I don’t understand it either, why would a girl not just fall head over heels in love upon meeting this “good guy” who will “treat her right”, and “listen” to her?

News flash, everyone has a pair of ears pal.

If the sum total of the value that you can provide this girl is your ability to not speak and register the words coming out of her mouth while she’s spouting them off, you’ve got some pretty serious competition out there.

If your top skills include coming in second for two years in a row in your fantasy football league, having the highest score among your fellow, non-ass-getting friends on the “Jurassic World” game on your iPhone, and being able to hold a keg stand the longest, why on earth would this attractive female who is being pursued by most of the free world not just blow you on sight?

Guess what, there’s another guy in the room who can also “listen”, he also has the ability to hear and process that woman’s native language. The bad news for you is that he plays in a jazz band, rescues and works with autistic house cats, dresses well, speaks multiple languages, knows how to pair a wine with his meal, is financially stable, has a Combat Infantry Badge from the war on terror, and can build a fucking house with his hands.

Who gets the girl?

I know, I know, it’s not fair.

This other guy, he has opportunities to develop skills that are “marketable” to the world and you don’t, right?

He has access to information in the form of the internet, knowledgable mentors, and loads of books that you simply do not have.

Think about it, what you get from this world is the result of what you’re able to pay in to the pot.

The good news for everyone is that we all come screaming into this world devoid of the skills that make us marketable to the rest of it. That means we all begin on a level playing field.

We live in an age where you have the ability to access the information necessary to develop just about any valuable skill, hell, it’s called the “information age” for a reason.

If you want to make more money, make yourself more valuable. Learn to do something that others cannot, or that you can do in a different or better way.

One of my clients recently jumped several “rungs” on the corporate ladder in his company by securing a large amount of profitable new contracts for the business.

What was his method for accomplishing this you ask?

He simply reached out to others in the industry, met with them informally over dinner and drinks, and developed solid relationships.

When his boss learned of this “rogue” employee that was out there bringing in business like it was his job (it wasn’t part of his previous position), he asked to meet with him and congratulated him with a promotion that came with much more responsibility, status, and pay than the position that he hired me to help him secure (what can I say, sometimes old JP knows what the hell he’s talking about).

Now you might say, “That’s awesome JP, but my boss isn’t like that”, or “It doesn’t work like that in my industry, we get promotions based on time in”.

That’s fine, it was the same for another client of mine (who will be guest-posting here soon). He had worked his way into a position where he really couldn’t move up any more unless someone died. He found himself at a point where he’d accomplished his “career goals” from years ago, and did not like the idea of being limited to the salary that he currently was receiving.

What did he do you ask?

We conducted an inventory of his skills, talents, and abilities, and, discovering the thing that he was most passionate about, began to build a business around that “on the side”.

This guy’s “side gig” that he started now has a thriving, thirsty community in tow, and is monetizing nicely inside of five months from the moment he and I first discussed the idea on the phone.

What about the Xbox champion who is baffled by his lack of female companionship, what does he do?

Well, one such guy heeded my advice and invested two months “increasing his value” through a system of building his body, his knowledge of style, developing relationships with key individuals, acquiring a rudimentary handle of a foreign language, and learning to cook a handful of meals well.

Lo and behold, while working on increasing his value to others, he was approached at work by the very girl he’d been previously unable to “lure in” with his ability to demolish twelve year old kids online in “Call of Duty” (apparently she wasn’t logging in to witness his mastery of his craft for countless hours each night.. Sorry Rob, you know I love you).

The bottom line here is this:

If you want more from this world, pay more into it. Learn to do something awesome, not just one thing either, lots of things.

I’ve reached my station in life, and continue to evolve, based on the notion that I’ve been able to provide valuable services and information to a large amount of people around the globe.

Coming from very modest beginnings, I’ve been afforded a tremendous amount of incredible experiences and good fortune as a result of being “the guy” that others can call on, that can make shit happen.

I’ll be writing on this subject much more in the coming weeks, and will be releasing some great information to help you become “the most interesting man in the room”, but in the meantime I want you to “go out there” (wherever “out there” is), and focus on making yourself the most valuable motherfucker you can be.

There is plenty of room in the world for more powerhouse individuals like yourself.

Let’s keep this discussion going. Post your comments here.

Tell me your thoughts on becoming the most valuable “you”.

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