What Do You Believe?


Beliefs are ideas or presuppositions that you accept to be true, with certainty, about yourself, other people, or your environment. We all possess a variety of beliefs regarding just about everything in life, some of which serve us, and some of which keep us from reaching the “goals” and wishes created in our conscious minds. This post will explain how beliefs determine our results, and how a belief is strengthened with or without our conscious involvement or intentions.

The diagram below illustrates the conscious/unconscious “loop” that occurs within our experience when a strong belief is present:


As you can see, there are four quadrants represented in the diagram. Let’s take a look at each:



The lower right quadrant represents the belief that you possess. This can be an empowering belief, or a limiting belief. Below are several examples of limiting beliefs.

“I’m bad with money”

“I’ve tried everything and I can’t drop bodyfat”

“I can’t meet the right girl/guy”

“I’d love to have a better job/career, but I’m stuck where I’m at”

“It takes money to make money”

“It’s all about who you know”



This quadrant describes the potential to accomplish whatever your consciously formed goal is. This is, more accurately, your unconscious mind’s perception of your potential, not your potential in the literal sense. This perception is a creation of your belief about the matter. Basically if you have a goal of becoming debt free and accumulating wealth through investments, but possess the “I’m bad with money” belief above, your unconscious perceives your potential to produce that outcome as very low or nonexistent.



Your actions are a result of your perceived potential to accomplish whatever the objective is. With a belief such as “I can’t lose bodyfat”, your potential to do so will be extremely low. Since your unconscious “understands” this, it will direct you to take little action towards that desired outcome, or will sabotage your efforts to do so by limiting your actions to feeble offerings that keep you in possession of that belief.



This one is self explanatory. The results you produce will be a product of the actions that you take. If your actions are poor or nonexistent, your results will be predictably poor as well. You’ll note that the arrows in the diagram continue the loop from result back to belief. This demonstrates how producing results, whether desirable or undesirable, provide feedback to your belief, and strengthen it.


Understand that your unconscious mind is the most sophisticated and powerful super computer in the world. It will flawlessly run any program that you give it, and will literally break its back (your back) to make you “right”, supporting your belief.

If you believe that are not “the successful type”, aren’t “good enough”, don’t possess the resources or knowledge, lack the necessary relationships, or are otherwise incapable of producing an outcome, your unconscious will see to it, through the process described in the loop, that you are proved right.

Once this is understood, you can see how important it is that you identify any and all limiting beliefs that you are currently holding. If you truly desire to change your life for the better, you must eliminate the limiting beliefs that will hold you back.

Remember that this process occurs regardless of what your conscious desires are. This means that no matter how many people you verbalize your goal to in hopes of “keeping you accountable”, how many places you write it down, how many positive affirmation memes you read or post on social media, or how many prayers you say to express your desire, you will not produce the outcomes that you truly wish to produce until your beliefs associated with the subject are conducive to doing so.

“Blueprint to Beast” covers the topic of belief in much greater detail. The book presents methods that I use to identify limiting beliefs in clients, teaches through a plethora of actual client experience, and demonstrates methods of eradicating limiting beliefs. I highly encourage you to pick up your copy so that you can assess your current beliefs, and determine what changes are necessary in order for you to produce the successful and fulfilling life that you truly desire.

Stay tuned for more posts on this all-important subject.




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