What You Don’t Want Requires No Effort


James Allen, in his classic book “As a Man Thinketh”, makes the observation that weeds will grow in your garden, in your lawn, or through cracks in the sidewalk in spite of your lack of effort to provide them with water, sunlight, or proper soil. Conversely, if you should want to grow roses, orchids, tulips, or any other sort of plant, you will need to put some serious effort into the process if you are to develop your crop.

This idea is profoundly metaphorical of our lives, and is one of the most impactful lessons that a person can learn.

It requires zero effort to produce more of what you DO NOT want in your life.

Want less money? That’s easy… Do nothing and you’ll surely make less money and have none invested.

Want a less desirable body?… Simple stuff, take no effort to train or diet correctly.

Want a lonely or unfulfilling relationship or personal life?… Same deal.

It’s so easy to create an unfulfilling, unsuccessful, ineffective lifestyle. It literally requires no effort or maintenance on your part. It simply grows over time, in spite of your desires until it is an overgrown eyesore jutting through the cracks in the sidewalk outside of your home.

Want roses? Well now, that takes quite a bit more knowledge, and quite a bit more work.

The ease with which one can create more and more of what they don’t want in their lives is exactly why they do.

Roses require the proper seeds, water, the right amount of sunshine, proper soil, and to be planted with the correct timing.

Who has time for all that?

I’ll tell you who; people who have resolved to have roses in their gardens instead of weeds.

The weeds will still grow, but this committed, and knowledgeable gardener will identify them and pull them. He will use weed killers and a variety of other tactics to prevent them from coming back. Likewise he will police his garden to prevent vermin from feasting on what he is working to create.

In our lives these vermin can be well-meaning friends and family who can’t see something for themselves, so in turn they cannot see it for us. They may also be our own beliefs regarding our limited ability to grow the roses that we want. One thing is certain however, there will never be a shortage of vermin, and there will never be an end to the efforts of the weeds to grow where you do not want them to.

Consider the man with the beautiful, pristine garden of gorgeous flowers, who abandons his efforts for a period of time. Perhaps he even observes what is happening to his plot as it is overcome by weeds, and being pilfered by vermin, yet he shrugs his shoulders and looks the other way.

What do you suppose this man’s garden will look like within a few weeks or months?

Success requires consistent effort.

Can you relate to watching your garden become vermin infested and overgrown with weeds?

Perhaps you’ve put in the work before and produced success, only to allow a change in climate, an influx of locusts, or some other conditional variable to come in and wreak havoc on what it is that you created.

What that demonstrates is a lack of flexibility in your approach, and your outright commitment to being successful despite any and all adversity.

The committed gardener might lose his crop to a flood, or a storm; he may have neighbor kids move in next door who hop his fence to retrieve stray frisbees and step on his plants, any number of new threats to his garden may come about. What we know about this man however, is that he will always bounce back and produce the prize-winning plants, year after year if it is his unbridled passion to do so.

Sometimes setbacks occur, this is a fact of life.

You must consider the mechanics of shooting a bow and arrow in these situations. You don’t just push the arrow towards your target, you must draw it back in order to let it fly.

Sometimes we must retreat within ourselves and gather the necessary resources or strategies to move forward in order to create the running start that we need to run headfirst through the wall and on to the other side where the beautiful women in bikinis are sipping drinks poolside.

In all cases however, if we do nothing, we will get nothing. That is to say, nothing that we actually want.

Do you want weeds, or do you want roses?

Even if you’re not a botany buff, or one who appreciates beautiful flowers, consider what would happen if you attempted to give the woman of your dreams a bouquet of weeds from your garden or unkempt lawn.

As always, the choice is yours, and as always I am here should you wish to discuss your personal garden and develop the proper strategy to turn it into the prize-winning plot that you really want, deep down inside.



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