When the Wolves Come


So you’re several hours in to a drive to visit family for a nephew’s graduation. Your bladder has been telling you that it’s time to make a pit stop for the last thirty minutes, and your pregnant wife’s craving for the mini donuts found in rest stop vending machines served as the impetus needed to pull in for a stretch when you saw the sign on the highway.

Your wife makes a beeline for the women’s room, and you, yawning, weary from the road, head to the men’s room to seek your relief. 

You find yourself poised for business at the urinal, and begin to feel lighter as you unburden yourself of the large coffee that you downed after your last stop a few hours ago. 

Suddenly the lights go out for you as you feel an object thrown over your face. The musky smell of body odor and cigarette smoke fills your nostrils as the sweatshirt blinds you completely. In an instant you feel a bony forearm digging into your Adam’s apple over top of the makeshift blindfold. 

Instinctively you reach for the arm restricting your airway, but as you do you find yourself yanked off balance and flat on your back on top of the attacker. You immediately are made aware that he is not alone by the duo of hard punches that land on your face through the musty fleece. 

You then feel the crouching man above’s hands dig into your pockets, the fact that your pants are undone makes this process that much easier for him. In a fleeting thought you think of your pregnant wife alone in the women’s room, and wonder if these men have also opted to seek prey of the opposite sex as well. 


You pulled an all-nighter last night, and have been feeling the effects of the amount of alcohol you consumed at the neighbor’s party last night all day. To make matters worse, you’re regretting having eaten that taco salad that had been sitting in the sun for much of the afternoon and evening due to the diarrhea you’ve been experiencing since this morning. 

You grab some underwear and head for the bathroom, hoping the hot shower will ease some of your discomfort. 

As you rinse yourself off you hear a loud crash coming from the living room, followed by a child’s scream. You immediately shut off the water and reach for a towel so as to rapidly investigate the chaotic household accident of the day that has no doubt just taken place.

“Is a simple shower too much to ask?” you wonder to yourself.

You quickly wrap yourself in the towel and make for the living room. As you hear the man’s voice saying “Shut the fuck up”, your heart sinks and you begin to think of the loaded pistol in your nightstand. 

In the split second that you find yourself contemplating making the dash for the pistol, a large man’s figure appears in the hallway before you. You begin to lunge toward him when you feel a shock to your system, and a warm sensation covering your face. 

You did not anticipate his accomplice who was exiting the second bedroom as you emerged from the bathroom. Armed with a blunt object of indistinguishable type, the man caught you with a solid shot between your temple and right eye. The warm sensation you feel is the blood pouring over your face and eye from the three inch gash in your hairline. 

Naked, and injured, you drop to a knee, catching yourself on the toy Tonka truck your son left in the hallway. You immediately realize that you have become victim of a home invasion. 


I’m sure both of these situations have left you a bit put off; they certainly do not represent circumstances which you desire to find yourself in. What makes these tales all the more chilling is that both are adaptations of real scenarios that have occurred in recent years, one to myself, and the other to a client of mine.

The question I have for you is do you honestly feel that you possess the knowledge and know how to emerge from either situation in tact, and with your loved ones secure?

These situations are precisely the types of context in which the information and skills that individuals learn at the Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences training events prove to be invaluable.

Asocial violence (violence that you do not elect to engage in, and that cannot be avoided with social skills) differs immensely from fight sports such as boxing or mixed martial arts.

For one, you will almost always be facing more than one person, who may or may not be armed.

Additionally, you will almost always be at a disadvantage tactically as you will find yourself in the middle of the situation as it is happening instead of being fortunate enough to form even a hasty plan of attack.

If you think either situation could be resolved by arm bar or triangle choke, or that you will have the time to force submission or compliance by causing pain to a drugged up, adrenaline filled attacker, or even successfully choke one of them unconscious before bad things happen to you or your loved one(s), you should probably go wipe down your 1911 in your TapOut tee, and reflect on just how much of a badass you are… this isn’t for you.

To be clear (as I always endeavor to make myself), I have no problem with fight sports, and have practiced and competed in them myself. I enjoy the competitive nature, and love the thrill that comes with knowing that you bested another man in a combative game. The fight sports are entertaining and fun to watch and participate in, but they have no more place in an asocially violent context than a pistol has in an MMA fight.

The training that my instructors and I conduct at the Academy events is designed to provide you with the necessary resources and problem solving skills to navigate such unthinkable situations. Simply put, outside of a life or limb situation, the skills we provide are of little use.

If either of the above situations made you consider what course of action you would take, or how you would respond mentally, I highly encourage you to register for and attend our Greyskull ACS Live Event this July 11 and 12 here at the home base.

This event marks the first time in two years that I’ve allowed public registration.

Those who register before this Sunday (5/17) at midnight EST are eligible for the Early Bird discounted rates which are posted in the store. After Sunday, the rates go up, so if you want in for this essential event, now is the time to act. 

Commit yourself to an immersion style event where you will learn the principles of the effective use of violence for self preservation this summer, and come work with us to dramatically increase your preparedness for the unimaginable situations that you like to think will never happen to you.

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