Do you want to make more money than you’re currently making?

Would You like to increase your monthly income by 10%? 25%? 50%?

How about 300%?

Would that help things?

Do you think your quality of life might improve if you did that?

My guess is that your answers to all of the above questions are “YES”. I mean if they aren’t you should probably check yourself for a pulse ASAP, because you sir, are probably dead.

The purpose of this post however, is to expose one of the single most important reasons why you aren’t or haven’t been doing exactly that.

Do you know WHY you want to increase your net worth and become a financially wealthy individual?

This might seem like a silly question, but more people who aspire to such accomplishments fail for the reason that they lack their personal “WHY’s” more than any other reason or condition.

You see, making more money is easy.

Yeah, it really is, I help my clients increase their incomes virtually every day that I’m in the office (which for me is seven days per week).

I mean that. Making more money is the simplest piece of the equation, and at this point I’m convinced that I could train a baboon to pull in an impressive income in short order, so you don’t need to have a genius level IQ, Ivy League education, or a powerful family pedigree.

Hell, according to the Forbes 400, of the richest 400 people in the U.S., 63 do not have college degrees.

When you factor in who those 63 are, and where they rank, it’s actually a handicap to have a degree on that list.

So if it’s not a lack of resources, formal education, or a prestigious upbringing that makes the difference, what is it?

The Economist recently published that one must only have $3,650 to be among the richest 50% of the world’s population.

The more liberal among us shout out at those statistics, talking about the “distribution of wealth”, the “1%”, and how lopsided of a system it is.

The funny thing is though, that if you were to take the wealth of the richest 1%, and re-distribute it among those who lived off of government assistance, I’ll bet you that within two years time (if that long), the money would be right back in the hands of that same 1%.

Why do you think that is?

Well, if you said that it’s a result of the psychology that the wealthiest, most industrious individuals among us possess, and how that differs from that of those who whine and bitch about what they don’t have, your’e absolutely right.

So Let’s talk psychology and money for a minute, and let’s cut to the number one element of that equation that those who ascend the financial ladder, in spite of less-than-ideal circumstances, ooze from every prosperous pore of their bodies.

To make more money, and dramatically improve your financial situation, you must have a powerful “WHY”.

Ask anyone if they want to make more money, you’ll get a “Yes” for sure.

Follow that up with “Why?”, and their answer will not come as quickly.

In fact, you’ll probably hear something along the lines of “I don’t know, it would just be awesome, you know?”

People who succeed have powerful and compelling “Why’s” driving them to their targets.

Those who don’t, well… you get the idea.

I’ll share with you a story for a moment.

My Dad is one of the greatest men who ever lived. He made huge sacrifices for my family so that we could grow up in a better neighborhood than he did, among many other things.

It cost this guy more than three of his weekly paychecks per month to pay the mortgage on our house each month, and I never once heard him complain, especially when he would come home from a hard day’s work each night and throw the football around with me for a half hour or so before he sat down.

Now before he married, before he became a “family man”, he was living quite well for a guy his age. His prized possession was a 1972 big block El Camino, which he kept immaculate, and spent a lot of time and energy “hot-rodding” into a monstrous car.

Since then he’s lived an ultra-modest life. He’s one of the most conservative savers and investors that I’ve ever met. He still lives in the same house, and still works hard to this day.

Can you imagine what it will feel like for me to drop the keys of a fully restored 1972 big block El Camino, in the metallic “SS” blue, just like his, in his hand?

I can. I’ve thought about it virtually every day for the last several years.

I’m proud to say that I’m actively in the hunt for the car now, and that moment that I’ve been waiting for will take place in the near future.

Who do you wish you could help?

Who would you thank with a gift of that nature that has been a “rock” in your life?

What are your reasons for wanting to be rich?

My challenge to you is to write down five reasons why it is imperative that you increase your income.

I want five things that would fill you with immeasurable joy that you would be able to do if you had the financial wherewithal to bring them to life.

Do this and focus on these reasons… every single day.

Make your “why’s” so compelling that it turns your stomach to think of not achieving them.

In the words of Jordan Belfort,

“The only thing stopping you from getting what you want is the bullshit story that you tell yourself about why you can’t have it”.

Remember, making money is easy, plain and simple.

I help people do it every day, and am happy to help you do the same.

In the past month alone I’ve helped three clients, “normal guys” living paycheck to paycheck, generate at least an additional $1,200 in personal income (that figure represents the lowest, the highest of the three brought in an additional $4,220, and remember that’s less than a month removed from paycheck to paycheck!)

I can’t help you though if you don’t know why it is of the utmost importance for you to do so.

Get absolutely clear about your why’s. Write them down and obsess about making them a reality.

Cut the bullshit. You can do it if you have a strong “why”, and you eliminate the damning, self-sabotaging patterns of beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from a life that you would be infinitely happier living.

If you’d like me to personally assist you in getting closer to your “why’s”, click the banner below and leave an application. If I have the space at the time that you read this, I’d be happy to take you on and get to work.



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