Winner by Decision

by Johnny Pain

Do you aspire to have the strongest, healthiest, most attractive body that you can possibly have?

Do you wish to have the healthiest, most passionate relationship?

Do you want financial security and independence?

Do you want a rich, fulfilling life packed with exciting experiences, interesting people, and countless memories to cherish?

Of course you do. Who wouldn’t?

Now here’s the better question:

Do you want, wish for, or aspire to have extraordinary things, or have you made a decision to bring extraordinary things into your life?

Notice the simple difference in language here. Hoping, dreaming, wishing, wanting, and aspiring are all synonyms, deciding is not a part of that group.

The word decision comes from the Latin Decidere, which means, in so many words, to cut off.

Think about that. When we make a decision, by definition we are severing any possibility of an alternative outcome to that which we have decided to manifest.

My Pop Pop who I admired greatly was famous for saying, “Hope went out to shit and the hogs ate him”. What that means I never did quite understand, but suffice to say that he felt hope was a weak word used by people who talked much and did little.

Everyone wants a rich life. A relative few actually take the actions necessary to see it happen.

Think about this as you lay your 150 bricks in this first six months of 2012;

Your goals that you’ve established and are working towards, are those things that you want, or are those things that you’ve decided you will have?

If you’ve decided you will manifest those life elements this year than I congratulate you in advance because you have already eliminated all possibility of any outcome other than the one that you have chosen, and therefore will bring great change this year.

To those who are hoping, wishing, dreaming, wanting, or doing anything else that isn’t deciding and acting, make a decision today.

This is truly a fight for your life. Will you lose by forfeit, or win by decision?


Johnny Pain is the man behind as well as the East Coast’s notorious Greyskull Barbell Club and several other ventures. He is the author of several books on subjects pertaining to strength and conditioning. He can be found comically entertaining questions on his Q and A forum at or can be reached for consultations, training seminars, or speaking engagements at

Also, you can follow him on Twitter: @thejohnnypain



3 Responses

  1. JamesC

    Damn good post.

    Soon you will have enough posts to make a book.

    “The memoirs and thought process of an American villain”

    January 8, 2012 at 11:00 pm

  2. Vim

    Layed a brick today. Went down to a local hardcore bodybuilding gym to chat to the owner about getting some experience working in a decent training environment. Not ideal for someone whos interested in powerlifting, but a hell of a lot better than sitting on my arse HOPING things turn out well, as i have been for a few months.

    January 9, 2012 at 10:40 am

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