Yesterday’s You


If you had to go head to head with a clone of yourself from yesterday, who would come out on top?

I mean this not just in the physical sense, as in which “You” would dick kick, throat punch, and pink belly the other, but in an overall mental and physical preparedness/awesomeness sort of way.

I want you to pause for a second, stop philosophizing about whether a mutual handy with your clone would make you, him, both, or neither of you gay (if you weren’t thinking that, you are now… you’re welcome), and really give my question some thought.

The idea for this post hit me the other day while picking my kids up from school. While eyeing up Mom ass in yoga pants, and trying to determine whether the one Grandmom (who totally could have gotten it a few decades ago (or now, who am I kidding?) was looking at me because I’m devilishly handsome, or because she thought I looked like a degenerate ex con, I remembered something my own Mom used to ask me after school everyday (and then wondered if any Dad’s of yore were eyeing up her high waisted jeans and Pro-Keds in the same patch of grass all those years ago… Scumbags).

The question she would always ask was:

“What did you learn today?”

It’s a logical question to ask a kid, even if it is just a routine communication anchored to the ringing of the dismissal bell, and in between fantasies of Magnum PI scooping one up in his Ferrari (talking about what I imagine my Mom was thinking about, not me…fuck).

As kids, we go to school to learn some new shit, so we should be able to rattle off a list of new wisdom and lessons that were bestowed on us by our frumpy fifty-something teacher with the caked on concealer and the breath that represents a potpourri of tuna, coffee and cigarettes.

But why does no one ask us that as grown ups?

Ok, so it would be a little odd I suppose, I mean I just texted my good pal Blake with that question and you can see his response below:


Maybe the question doesn’t literally need to be asked out loud by another, but what would be wrong with asking ourselves each day with our special inside voice (mine sounds like Jennifer Tilly after a night of drunken Karaoke and in need of a HALLS for those of you wondering)?

Could you kick yesterday’s you’s ass?

What did you do since yesterday to make yourself a more beastly you?

Did you train your body to be stronger and/or more physically prepared to decimate a foe that threatens you or your loved ones, and to more savagely wreck your target of choice’s ass in the bedroom or hall closet?

Did you add to your knowledge of life-saving skills, or enhance your strategy for handling some form of unavoidable crisis?

Did you acquire a new skill, or increase your competence in an existing one? If you’re a gun owner for example, did you conduct dry-fire drills to polish your ability to perform fundamental tasks like drawing from concealment, acquiring a sight picture, or performing reloads?

Did you read something awesome, whether a bit of history, a self improvement strategy, or even something funny as hell that adds to your value to others in some way?

What did you do?

Granted, you can’t become infinitely more awesome in just one day, at least not consistently, or we’d all be 2,000lb Deadlifting, USPSA Grandmaster, Nobel Prize winning, trillionaires with numerous AVN awards to our credit, but you can increase your awesomeness exponentially over time by simply focusing on what you can do today to add to your repertoire.

Think about yesterday’s you, are you more badass than he was, or are you twin “pajama boys”?

Size that motherfucker up and bitch slap him into tomorrow before tomorrow’s you comes and bitch slaps present you (if that’s even how it would work… shit I just blew my own mind).

And for shit’s sake, stop thinking about getting a dry handy from your clone and just do it yourself already.

If you haven’t yet, check out my post about “The Villain Project” by clicking here, and then your butt registered ASAP.

If you’re serious about becoming a stronger, more aware, better prepared for the chaotic world we’re in, freer thinking and living individual, and just an all-around more badass dude, register for this first-of-its-kind course, and let’s kick some ass together over the next ten weeks.




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