Your Millionaire Lifestyle Part Three


This series of posts has focused on how to create an identity of wealth, and begin living your life “as if” you are already wealthy in the financial sense. Part One identified the link between thinking and feeling like a “wealthy” person, and tapping into the internal resources that you already possess to direct you on your path to financial abundance.

This post will demonstrate how you can use what is called the “Vacuum Law of Prosperity” to create “suction” in your life, and attract more of the things that enhance this feeling of wealth and abundance to keep you moving forward.

A simple, commonly used example of this law would be to imagine walking along the beach. Feel the sand between your toes, and observe the footprints that you are leaving behind. If you were to later revisit the location where you had left those footprints, they would predictably have been filled by the wind and water re-establishing the “perfect”, and unaltered appearance of the sand.

This law operates based on the understanding that “nature abhors a vacuum”. What this means is that when a void is created, it will be consequently filled in time. This applies to situations in nature, such as the beach example, and also patterns of human behavior.

Years ago, when I returned from the Army, I moved into a house that was mostly furnished already. The furniture was old and dated, having belonged to the elderly family friend who inhabited the house prior to his passing and my acquiring the property.

While I had fond memories of him from my childhood, and the layout of the living room specifically was anchored to those experiences, the room did not demonstrate the aesthetic that I desired. Others visiting my house did not represent the appearance in the same manner that I did, since they did not share my reference experiences, and therefore I would assume a state of uneasiness or even embarrassment as they would take in the sight.

I knew that I wanted to get new furniture, but the positive memories associated with the existing pieces were keeping me from updating the house’s appearance.

Understanding the vacuum law, one day I removed all of the furniture and donated it to Goodwill, so that someone in need might have the opportunity to purchase it at a low cost. This left the room quite bare. I took the opportunity to paint the walls and change the curtains, making for a much more modern look in a hurry.

Within a week, I had acted and purchased the pieces of furniture that I needed to replace the old, dated ones. Had I not taken action to first rid the space of the existing furniture, I might still be looking at it to this day.

When you release what you are holding onto, you make room for new things to enter your life.

This has applications in everything from your living conditions, your finances, your work environment, and even unfulfilling relationships.

Where do you want to feel more abundant in your life?

What are you holding onto that is preventing you from bringing the things that would enhance this feeling of abundance in?

Do you want a new wardrobe?

Bag up all of your clothes that you don’t wear or don’t get excited about and donate them. See how long it takes before you get in gear and begin rebuilding a new, more empowering one.

How about new dishes or silverware?

This was another one that I ran into personally. I donated all of the mismatched silver and glassware that “came with my house”, and within weeks had purchased low cost, but “high effect” glass and silverware that I was proud to serve guests with.

Want to save money, but not taking action?

Open a savings account that is linked to your checking. Looking at that zero balance online will spur you into action. “Nature abhors a vacuum” remember? You won’t let that sit empty for long.

Think of some ways that you might apply this principle in your own life. Eliminate the clutter, and see what great new things or experiences you can attract into your life that will further enhance your growing identity as a wealthy and abundant individual.

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