Your Personal Gold Mine


Wouldn’t it be great to own the deed to a gold mine that was recently discovered, and not yet mined for gold?

Would that not be a pretty amazing discovery, with almost limitless upside potential in your quality of life?

What if I told you that you DO own such a gold mine, and that you more than likely have not begun to harvest from it the riches that lay buried within its boundaries?

Your personal goldmine exists between your ears in the immense, untapped potential for success that lies, all-too-often dormant, in your brain.

Yesterday I conducted an initial consultation with a Personal Coaching applicant who ended up enrolling in my Coaching program.

This guy might be a lot like you.

He’s in his late twenties, working a job that he is not crazy about, but that pays the bills, and has a baby on the way.

Realizing that he’d ascended to the point of reaching the “ceiling” in his current position, and faced with the idea of being a first-time father, working long hours away from home, he decided to apply to speak with me, hoping I might be able to provide some insight into how he could produce a greater income, and the resultant “freedom” that comes with it.

Our call began like most of these free application sessions, with an analysis of his current position, and an in depth look at where he ultimately wanted to be within a year’s time.

Like most, his financial targets for the next twelve months were quite modest (I break people of that quickly), and I immediately indicated to him that they were more than attainable.

I challenged him with enlightening me on how he could produce the “extra” funds that he desired for the month in two weeks if he had to (in the event of an emergency).

Predictably, he was able to come up with several ways that he would be able to raise the funds with certainty in that compressed time frame.

I emphasized to him something that I say to people all of the time which is that:

“Our greatest resource is our ability to be resourceful”.

Armed with an understanding that he was capable of generating the extra income if he really needed to, we were able to transition to alternative methods of doing so that would prove to be a bit more “lifestyle-friendly” and enjoyable.

In asking him about his personal interests, I uncovered an area that he knew an awful lot about, and which also happens to be an excellent niche market for online purveyors of information.

Over the next twenty minutes or so, we collaboratively constructed a loose course of action that would result in him monetizing this passion and skill that he possessed, and were able to arrive at some figures regarding how much revenue he would have to generate from this endeavor per week to hit his twelve-month target for monthly income.

He was amazed at how low the numbers really were in terms of units sold in order to achieve his goal.

I could hear the light bulbs going off in his brain from all the way across the country.

We firmed up his strategy, and I provided him with some resources that he could use to put his plan into action immediately, all the while his enthusiasm and tonality growing with the doors to what he desired “unlocked” and the course laid out before him.

At the conclusion of the call I invited him into my program, and he excitedly accepted the spot.

Over the next several weeks and months, I will be working collaboratively with him to implement this plan of action, and get him monetizing his passion. Before the call had ended, he was already adjusting his target income numbers upward, and even discussing what would be required for him to eventually exit his current job and pursue this endeavor full time.

Quite a shift from the low-key desperation with which he initially reached out to me.

This man possesses personal assets that he can use to deliver value to a marketplace hungry for what he has to provide. Doing so represents one of the most proven strategies for personal wealth creation in the history of the use of currency for trade.

That brings me to my next question:

Where can you add value to the marketplace?

What valuable knowledge, information, service or skill do you possess that you can provide to others in a disproportionate value exchange?

Now let me elaborate on my use of the word “disproportionate” in that last sentence.

The more cynical among you might interpret that as me saying that you will receive a disproportionate amount of the value in terms of financial gain, but that is a patently false logic.

Any time you make a trade of money for a good or service you are valuing that good or service at a higher amount than you are the sum of money used to purchase it.

If you make a purchase of a pack of gum for $1.00, what value are you placing on the gum?

Most will respond to that question with “$1.00”, but that is not correct.

Anytime you exchange funds for a good or service, you are valuing that good or service at a higher amount than what you’re paying.

If this was not the case, you simply would keep the dollar since you value it more than the item you’re buying.

The perceived value of your purchase, be it intrinsic in nature or otherwise, must be higher than the amount of money that you pay for it or you would not elect to shell out that money.

If a corporate client hires me to work with a group of salespeople, and pays me several thousand dollars, he is valuing the benefits and rewards, or return on investment that the organization will gain at a higher amount than my fee, otherwise there would be no transaction.

We as a society are more than willing to exchange our money for valuable goods and services which we believe will deliver some form of return on investment that is greater than the amount of money that we lay out to purchase it.

Can you frame an expensive shirt as an investment?

How about a fancy dinner?

That’s exactly what an ambitious man seeking to increase his odds of bedding a particular woman is doing when he pays for these things in preparation for, or during the course of a date.

Information is and always will be the most valuable commodity in the marketplace.

There is no other investment that you can make that will have as great of a rate of return as investing in information that assists you in overcoming a personal challenge, paving new roads to success, or otherwise enhancing your quality of life.

In every major financial crisis in history, including the great depression, the one industry that continues to thrive is the information industry.

Big companies who lay off loads of employees in an economic downturn will always continue to hire consultants and advisors to help them steer their way back on course.

Likewise, in any “down” economy, individuals will continue to pay for those things that provide them with the skills or knowledge necessary to better their situation.

I’m positive that right now you possess a skill, or a level of knowledge with regards to a specific subject that would be considered immensely valuable to someone else, more likely a large segment of the population.

But you’re not the best in the game you say?

Of course not, there’s always someone “better” out there, or someone with more “experience”, or someone with a better track record than you have in your given endeavor.

Think about this though, was the person who taught you to tie your shoes the foremost authority on shoe tying that ever lived?

I’m guessing not… everyone knows that I’m the shoe-tying king.

Despite the seeming lack of credentials that the person who taught you that life skill possessed, did he or she provide you with a valuable lesson that you’ve used most days of your life since?

You are an expert in your field to anyone who knows less about the subject than you do.

If you can provide value to these people, you will receive value in the form of financial gain.

It really is that simple.

I highly encourage you to conduct an inventory of your personal assets in terms of the information or skills that you could provide to the proper marketplace of qualified individuals, for which you could receive compensation.

Interestingly enough, chances are that you’ll discover that those things that you are best at, or possess the most knowledge about, are also those things that you have a high degree of passion for.

Ever hear the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life?”

I’m sure you have.

Imagine creating a scalable income doing something that you love every day.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

I can tell you that it is. I do exactly that, and I assist clients in creating the same situation for themselves with swiss-clock regularity.

Conduct your inventory, and determine what your personal assets are today.

If you’d like me to help you implement a course of action to turn your personal passions into a profitable business, I’m more than happy to help (see the banner below).



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